Sausage-stuffed onions recipe


2018-07-14 15:38:11

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1 Preheat the stove to 200C/400F/gas mark 6. Rub the onions with somewhat olive oil (around 2 tbsp), then sprinkle with salt. Put the onions in a medium dish or other ovenproof pot with a cover. Place the garlic head amidst the onions and sprinkle with oil. Dissipate the thyme sprigs over the onions, then add 75ml of the water to the pot. Cover and meal in the broiler for 50-a hour, until the onions are gently seared and sufficiently delicate so a blade slips effectively into their focuses. Put aside until sufficiently cool to handle.

2 Carefully lift the onions on to a cutting load up, leaving the fluid in the pot. Scoop out a couple layers from inside every onion and stuff them with 2 tbsp of hotdog meat. Add the scooped-out onion to the dish. (When you include the cream and water in the following stride, the fluid ought to come somewhat less than most of the way up the sides of the stuffed onions.)

3 Squeeze the delicate substance of the garlic cloves into the goulash, and include the thyme leaves, cream, the staying 225ml water and 1 tsp salt. Convey the blend to a full bubble, include the stuffed onions, frankfurter side up, and season them with the fluid for a moment or something like that.

4 Return the goulash to the broiler for around 40 minutes, revealed until the sauce is thick, yet not gloopy. Treat the onions like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity, until cooked. Taste the sauce and include somewhat more salt, in the event that you'd like. Convey the container to the table, spoon a tad bit of the sauce over the highest point of every onion, and dive in.


4 medium red onions (about 225g each), peeled, stem-ends trimmed, root-ends trimmed but intact
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Flaky sea salt
300ml water
1 head garlic, outer layers removed to expose the cloves
A small handful of thyme sprigs, plus 1 tsp leaves
125g sausage meat
225ml double cream