Halloween pumpkin cake


2018-07-16 02:07:32

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Need a nifty dessert for your Halloween party? How about a cake shaped like a whole pumpkin? With a little imagination and some icing, you can make a pumpkin cake that Betty Croak-er would be proud of! You'll find the cake mold for this at most craft and mass retail stores that have a craft department. We used the one made by Wilton, it comes in a two piece mold for easy release of the cake.

We suggest using a pumpkin flavored cake mix, you'll find them available during Halloween season. Mix cake according to directions on cake box. Read the instructions that come with the pumpkin cake mold, you may need two boxes of cake mix and the baking directions are a bit different from a flat cake. A little trick is to cover the board with aluminum foil or parchment paper and you can take the slices off easier.

Decorate according to direction that came with the pumpkin cake pan. You'll need a couple different cake decorating tips and tip holder and disposable cake decorating bags. Check the pan box for what you'll need. Using disposable pastry bags for frosting makes clean-up easier.

This cake can be frosted with a cake frosting spatula or by using a bag and tip with orange frosting, making little stars to cover the whole cake with frosting. You'll do the same with the decorating, creating leaves on the stem or even a Jack-O-Lantern face if you feel creative! You can use canned frosting or make a simple cake decorators frosting like this one:


1 cup of shortening
2 cups of powdered (confectioners) sugar
1 teaspoon meringue powder
1 tablespoon cold water