Multiple Selection

Single Selection

Select All Enabled

Filter Enabled

Disabled Options

Options Group

With Add-Ons

Color (btn-primary)

Smaller size (btn-sm)

Link (btn-link)


- another replacement for select boxes

Tags Input

Type a word then hit enter

Switch Button, Checkboxes & Radio Button


Radio Button

Fancy Checkbox

Inline Fancy Checkbox

Custom Colors

Fancy Radio Button

Inline Fancy Radio Button

Custom Colors

Dynamic Form Fields

Press + to add another form field

Masked Input

Slider Input

Range Slider Input

Basic Slider

Date Slider (style can be adjusted for better left-right alignment)

Editable Label (provide value then hit enter)

Slider With Step

Value Label Shown On Change

Date Picker

Date Picker

Date Range Picker - time picker can be disabled

Report Range - useful for report filter

Color Picker

Attached to a field

RGBA format

As a component

Predefined Color

Text Area

Basic Text Area

Text Area With Character Count

Spinner Input