Hot Anchony and Garlic Dip - recipe

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2016-10-22 03:30:30

Hot Anchony and Garlic Dip - recipe

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Soak the vegetables strips in a bowl of ice cubes and water for 1hr to crisp them.

Pat dry with kitchen paper and arrange on a dish the lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms. Cover with aluminium foil and refrigirate. Arrange the bread sticks on a seperate plate and set aside.

boil the cream in a 2 pint heavy enamelled of stainless steel saucepan and cook it, stirring frequently, for 15 to 20 minutes, untill it has thickened and has reduced to about 3/8 of a pint.

Choose a 2 pint enamelled cast-iron casserole.

Melt the butter in the casserole over a low heat on top of the stove; do not let it brown. Add the anchovies and garlic, then the cream and bring the sauce to simmering point, stirring constantly.