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2018-08-21 17:43:40

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The recipe for pasta carbonara is really quite simple and I have to say that everyone does it differently.
Today I want to tell you how we do with cooking recipes and as you will see without onion and garlic-free to make it more digestible to everyone!
now throw all the grease and oil that were formed in the pan.
Drained the pasta "better if taken and put in the pan with a fork" in order to add a little cooking water, and put it in the pot where you sauté the bacon add a little olive oil and eggs.
Mix well and serve hot.
(as you may have figured out the recipe remains slight because besides having omitted onion and garlic we also threw all the fat that pulled out our pillow)
Bon Appetit and enjoy our pasta carbonara

Enjoy your Meal !!


2 medium eggs
300 g pork cheek enough
Oil enough
Spaghetti as required
black pepper as required
Salt as required